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Band history

The Blue Ridge Mountains were an unlikely place to find a band like Shakespace. Their sound was a mixture of heavy melodic guitars, experimental ambient synths, with male and female vocals, a sound often revealing the band's shoegazer and proto-goth influences .
Shakespace formed in early '96, and after many enthusiastically recieved shows, they recorded their 1st full-length CD. Released In 1998, the self titled debut album was a space rock, lo-fi collection of infectious dream-pop tracks.
Throughout the late 90's, Shakespace's Michelle Ferguson would also co-host the 'No Phase Artspace' shows, multi-media art and music events in which artists and groups from across the US performed and contributed work.
Shakespace's 2nd CD ,'Air Sign Orange' , released in late 2000 on Indianapolis' Happy Couples Records, had more of a post-punk goth-rock feel.
'This Sleeping Heart' was Shakespace's final full-length CD offering. Recorded throughout 2001 during the band's break-up, the album emerged as dark and cynical experimental pop.


Michelle Ferguson - vocals/bass/guitar
Ian Lloyd - guitar/sampler
Jeremy Kolosine - vocals/guitar/synth
Josh Strawn - vocals/guitar/keys
Martin Bensinger - drums
Brookes Beistel - drums/vocals/keys


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Photos of Shakespace:Tony Souther, Kent Moore, Michelle Brown.


Test Tones 2 Comp.
(2003 Clairecords)
[out of print]
w Ksine/Shakespace tracks.

'Air Sign Orange'
(2000 Happy Couples)
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(1998 No Phase Records)
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'This Sleeping Heart'
(2001 No Phase Records)
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